Diet Philosophy

Plan for a healthier you, with each plan as unique as you.

None of us are the same,so why should our diet and weight management be? The way people define 'thin' and 'fat' is very different, and numbers such as BMI or body weight are not always the way to define your diet plan. Instead, weight loss and diets should be about striking the right balance!

Dr. Anju Sood understands this so well that she has made it the basis of her diet and weight management philosophy! By dividing her philosophy into two levels - nutrition and maintenance, she gives you a plan that is complete, customised, and balanced. She helps you to understand your body so that the entire programme is a sustainable one.

Before delving into designing a plan,she takes into consideration all the factors that could affect your body — age, body composition, metabolic rate, blood group, medical history, psychological factors, attitude, profession, lifestyle, and culture. She creates the weight management plan around the individual and ensures that every inch you lose is matched with the health you gain and sustain.

Welcome to Dr. Anju Sood's Diet and Nutrition Clinic, where health and weight sustenance trumps crash diets. Anju supports each of her clients holistically and helps them maintain a healthy body rather than just reach it. Ensuring a healthy attitude towards food, body, and life, Anju successfully caters to clients across India and the globe.