Special Programmes

The right food in right dosages could be just what the doctor prescribed. Anju's special diet and weight management programmes feature healthy food choices that you can follow, even after completing the programme. With Anju, fight diseases to live an active and healthy life!


Anju's Diabetes Programme entails a healthy diet plan that allows you to control your blood sugar and bring it down. Anju believes in helping you switch from insulin shots to tablets. This includes planning your daily diet for every meal, helping you stay in balance as well as keeping that high-sugar level at bay!

Cardiovascular Diseases

Anju's Cardiovascular Programme ensures you stay heart-healthy! It helps you control your lipid profile with a carefully balanced diet. The programme is focussed on changing your food habits to meet the nutritional criteria specific to your cardiovascular issue. Whether it's guiding you in transitioning toward healthy eating or simply improving diet plans, Anju is there every beat of the way. Anju's areas of specialisation include complete lipid profiling correction.


Anju's Pregnancy Programme includes diet and weight management plans for before, during, and post pregnancy. Whether it's assessing and monitoring body weight or helping you achieve and maintain a healthy weight – this programme covers it all. Anju's areas of specialisation also include gestational diabetes.

Hormonal Imbalance and Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD / PCOS)

Hormones play a big part in your health as fixing a hormonal imbalance gives your body a big boost. Anju's Hormonal Imbalance Programme is designed to help your mood and weight immensely


Anju's PCOD/ PCOS Programme recognises that the right diet plan is crucial for you to manage PCOD/PCOS — not just for the sake of weight loss and maintenance, but also to regulate your hormone levels. Like the other programmes, each plan varies from client to client.


Anju's Thyroid Programme caters to weight and metabolism problems that generally accompany hyper and hypothyroid. Whether it's helping you understand the relationship between the diet and thyroid or adopting healthy habits, Anju will monitor you all the way.

Genetic or Acquired, Dr. Anju Sood's foremost priority is to cater to the dietary requirements and health issues pertaining to your medical ailments such as gout, hypertension, fatty liver and many more, and weight loss is amongst the treatment's positive outcomes.