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1. How is Anju different from others?

Anju doesn't have any magical diet plan, however she aims to provide you with a holistic weight management programme. She does this by listening to you and understanding your psyche, medical issues, body composition, and nutritional requirements to help you combat your weight issues. These three aspects go hand-in-hand and help in designing a plan suited for the individual. Thus she divides her diet philosophy into two levels— nutrition and maintenance. She is also emotionally available at all times to make her client feel comfortable.

Anju's motto is simple: "I don't recommend starvation as that only makes you frustrated and reduces your metabolism. My focus instead is on helping you understand your body and eating a healthy and balanced diet."

2. How much exercise is included in Anju's programmes and packages?

Her programmes talk about sustenance. And this is why she doesn't recommend that her clients do anything in excess, which they won't be able to sustain on a long-term basis. She only recommends brisk walks that are easily done by everyone.

3. Should I give up tea/coffee/alcohol?

No, everything in moderation is fine. What Dr. Anju Sood teaches her clients, is to control their intake.

4. Will you help me quit smoking/Can I continue to smoke while on your programmes and packages?

Dr. Anju Sood insists that her clients stop smoking.However, she helps them quit smoking through emotional support.

5. Are your programmes and packages designed for people working in the night shift?

Yes. Working the night shift is a chosen way of life and all programme are crafted to suit each individual's lifestyle.

6. How do you cater to your international clients?

Dr. Anju Sood keeps in contact with her outstation clients (national or international) through Skype, mail, and phone calls.

7. Do you recommend I see a doctor before coming to Anju?

Not always. If the client has any specific problem, then Dr. Anju Sood insists on seeing their last medical report. However if she feels like the client could benefit from seeing a doctor, she strongly recommends it as she doesn't prescribe medication.

If there is someone with a medical ailment, Anju will ask him or her to coordinate his or her programme recommendations with their doctor.

8. I am getting married next month. Can I achieve my ideal weight by then?

Dr. Anju Sood strongly stands by her belief that weight loss is a systematic and measured process. As she isn't aggressive with her diets, she examines each case individually and informs the client at the beginning of the programme as to what is possible and what isn't.

9. How much of my weight problem is hereditary?

While genetics is one of the parameters of weight problems, what really affects us today are our erratic food habits, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy convenience foods, and lack of exercise. These are the different parameters Dr. Anju Sood tackles.

10. Do I have to give up junk food?

Not entirely as all the programmes stress on finding the right balance. It isn't possible to keep away from a craving for too long. So instead of starving your body of what it needs, Anju teaches her clients to eat and balance junk intake.

11. Will Anju be able to help me prevent cancer if I have a medical history of it?

There are certain types of cancer that are hereditary — cervical, breast, and colon. While no one can guarantee a preventive technique for cancer, keeping healthy with a diet plan rich in antioxidants is an option Dr. Anju Sood recommends.